“Natural Viagra”-Epimedium

“Natural Viagra”-Epimedium

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Traditional Chinese herbal medicine Epimedium is a natural "Viagra"-this study of natural medicine laboratory of University of Milan in Italy has been reported by the major foreign media on October 7th. Researchers analyzed some traditional Chinese herbal medicine with impotence effect and found that Epimedium contains a similar type 5 phosphodiesterase (PDE5) inhibitor components, which is the main component of Viagra. Researchers believe that compared with Western medicine, side effects of epimedium may be smaller and it’s use should be widened.

"Epimedium is a common traditional medicine herb, which is sometimes used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction with other drugs, but I think it is a bit exaggerated if it is called natural 'Viagra'." GuoJun - male director in Chinese Academy of Sciences Xiyuan Hospital pointed out.


Epimedium treatment of male disease has been the focus of China's medical profession, and some hospitals are still studying curing premature ejaculation by epimedium extract. According to GuoJun, epimedium is the whole plant of Berberidaceae Epimedium and other congener plants. It has a male hormone-like effect, by promoting semen secretion to fill seminal vesicle, in turn, stimulate the sensory nerve and sexual desire and penile erection. At the same time, epimedium also can lower blood pressure by inhibiting the central nervous system and expanding peripheral blood vessels, it can also inhibit the poliovirus and Staphylococcus aureus.

Epimedium Extract

Spec: 10%-98% Icariin 

Functions: 1. Improve immunity; 2. Anti-aging; 3. Protect angiocarpy; 4. Promote hematopoiesis and metabolism.

"We are in favor of a more in-depth study of traditional Chinese medicine using modern technology, but must avoid some of the one-sided views." Guo added that "Epimedium is good, but it does not work if just eat like medicine, it should be used in conjunction with other drugs, and work after a period of time, so 'natural' Viagra’ is a little exaggerated. In addition, every coin has two sides, so we should pay attention to the use of epimedium. People with symptoms of dry mouth, hand and foot fever, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. can not use epimedium.