Tea Polyphenols(Green Tea Extract)

Tea Polyphenols(Green Tea Extract)

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Tea Polyphenols(Green Tea Extract)

Tea polyphenols,a natural antioxidants produced by our company, is obtained from the unfermented tea leaves(Green Tea).The processing is checking,extracting,filtrating,purilying. concentrating,sterilizing,spraying &drying.
Tea polyphenols is composed of Chemical compound of catechins (flavanols),flavones and flavonols,anthocyanins,phenolic acids and phenolic acids,polymeric phenols etc. Catechins is the main components of tea polyphenols.


The appearance of tea polyphenols is light yellow to brown powdered solid or crystalline with slight tea flavor and astringent taste. It can be easily dissolved in water, ethanol andethyl acetate.slightly dissolved in oil. It has good heat resistance and acid resistance and is very stable when the pH is between 2-7. It has a slight hygroscopicity, and the pH of the aqueous solution ranges from 3 to 4. It is easy to oxidize and brown in alkaline condition.Green and black compounds are formed when iron ions are encountered.

Quality Standard (in compliance with GB1886.211-2016)

*Applications and Usage Instruction(in compliance with GB2760:Standards for uses of food additives)

It can be used in basically anhydrous fats and oils,cooked nuts and seeds,fried flour products, instant cereals, including rolled oats(slices), instant rice&flour products,paatries,baked food fillings and surface treatings,cured meat products,soy-sauced meat products, smoked or roasted meat, fried meat,Western-style ham (fried, smoked,boiled ham),Sausage,fermented meat products.prepared aquatic products (semi-finished products), cooked aquatic products (edible directly),canned aquatic products,compound condiments,vegetable protein beverage,solid beverage,protein solid beverage,puffed food .

Uaage Referncelin compliance with GB2760,Standards for uses of food additives)

The maximum usage for protein solid beverage is 0.8g/kg, for vegetable protein beverage,solid beverage is 0.1g/kg,cooked nuts and seeds,fried ffour products,instant cereals, including rolie(ices),inatant rice & fiour products,puffed food is 0.2g/kg,for basically anhydrous fats and oils,pastries,baked food fillings, surface treatings and cured meat products is 0.4g/kg.for the  rest of the products is 0.3g/kg.

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